About Us

The Origins of Patriots Australia Inc

     Three serving members of the Royal Australian Navy started the Club in 1993. These individuals saw that there was a need for military personnel with a common love of motorcycles, to have a contact point wherever they were posted. A place where they would be accepted, given information on where to obtain welfare, discharge advise, find accommodation etc. and also share their passion for motorcycling. From these few original members, the Club has expanded to the stage where it has Chapters in every State or Territory within Australia, with over 300 members and growing every week. There are also three Chapters in New Zealand. We also have Patriot friends in the United Kingdom & America, who provide the same welcome and assistance to visiting members.

     Patriots Australia is an Incorporated Association registered with the Office of Fair Trading NSW. Patriots Australia Inc represents the National body of Patriots and is the registered Trade Mark holder of the Patriot Australia Logo. The Patriots Australia is a Military Motorcycle Club for serving, former regular and reserve members of the Australian, Commonwealth and Allied Defence Forces.

Our Ethos

     The Australian and New Zealand Chapters both run in strict accordance with the Defence Department guidelines. We do not tolerate drugs, violence or theft. We believe in the non-sexist policy promoted by the Defence Department. We are a family oriented Club and as such invite serving and ex-serving members to happily bring along their families to our functions. 

     Within the Club we have ex Korea, Malaya / Borneo, Vietnam, Somalia, Gulf, Afghanistan and Timor Veterans, but this is not a prerequisite for membership. We ask our members to wear any decoration they have been awarded. This is to show the places that members have served and won recognition for. Most members wear their badges of their unit or trade. This provides a pictorial resume of that person's service. It also allows like members to have a common talking point. We are fiercely loyal to our Flag and Country; after all, that is why we served. We try to uphold the traditions of the ANZAC and all that it stands for.  

     Full membership is open to all serving and ex-serving military personnel, and to others who have a direct bond with the Military as Supporters. Full membership is granted to persons who have served or are serving in the military (this includes reserve service). They must provide written proof of such service and have a clear criminal record. Full members must also be in possession of a motorcycle of any make and of 250cc or above. Male or Female; if you have done the Military time, have the appropriate motorbike and licence, then you have the right to be a full member.  

The Patriots Australia Breastplate

     Our Breastplate is to denote our love of the three services and those who died fighting for our country. The logo on the Breastplate depicts the three services in our own particular style; the anchor for the Navy, the crossed swords for the Army, the wings for the Air Force and the skull is for the members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The colour red denotes the blood spilt by members defending our country and its flag. The black beret is a common theme for each service and the colour of mourning for those members who have died. White is for the peace that members have fought for, and won. We do not wear a 'back patch'.